Socks Lately

Moving rather interrupted all craftiness, but here are two projects I completed just before the move:

These socks have cables that weave within each other all down the sock. I made them for a LibraryThing friend who wanted to give them to his wife for her birthday. The yarn was lovely to work with -- it's by Cherry Tree Hill, so that's not especially surprising.

Pictures don't do these socks justice. I think I need a new camera. :)

These were for another LibraryThing friend who got a blurb from her review published on the back cover of a book. I thought such an accomplishment deserved a pair of socks!

Once again, I'm not thrilled with the pictures. The pattern has little bunches that bring the surrounding stitches closer so that they sort of fan out towards the top, but it's difficult to make out the effect from the photos.

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