Inspired by Tea Collection

Long time no post! I was busy making a person. Now that she's here, I'm feeling crafty like I haven't felt in a while! Don't get me wrong, I made lots of stuff while pregnant. But it would take too long to catch up and post each one. We'll just start fresh with a recent craft!

Some of the cutest baby clothes I've ever seen are made by Tea Collection. Seriously fabulous clothes with designer price tags. So I made a dress with Tea's style, more or less, for about $8 and an hour of my time.

I'm pleased with the result! The shoulders tie for easy adjusting and easy on-and-off. Oh, and easy to make! I thought about doing proper shoulders, but didn't. Maybe next time!

It ended up being bigger than I intended. I wanted something Addison could wear now-ish. This will likely not fit her until late spring or summer. Since I'm impatient for her to have cute dresses, I'll probably make a smaller one. From different fabric, of course. Much more fun that way!

Thank you, Tea Collection for having beautiful clothes I choose not to afford.

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