I've released a monster

Who knew there was a dress-making  monster latent within me? I'm addicted to making little dresses. It's so much more fun than making adult-sized clothes. Except for PJ pants. I love making a new pair of PJ pants. :)  

I didn't use a pattern. I looked pictures of baby dresses and made up my own. Facing is annoying and I probably won't use it often, but I'm glad I did it for this dress. (Facing is the little red strips along the arm and neck holes.)

On future dresses, I'll make the neck a little deeper as this one is just a little close. It's not tight around her neck by any means, but it doesn't sit low enough for my liking.

The bodice just fits. With yesterday's larger product, I wanted to be sure this one wouldn't also be big. It isn't! It fits her fine for now. We'll see if it still fits next week though!
 See the leg warmers? I made those too. Out of women's crew socks. There's a tutorial here if you want to see how it's done. Very nifty!

The darker border is a separate layer. Then I pieced an additional length of the lighter material. I think a fuller skirt would be better, but I wasn't displeased enough with this one to scrap it. ;)

I put a zipper in the back. I find buttons far more time-consuming to install. The layers from the front continue in back, though with the way she's laying, this is mostly a shot of the leg warmers.


  1. It's like having your very own dress up doll, isn't it! She's so adorable I have to keep telling myself to look at the dress. Beautiful job, btw! And what a clever idea for leg warmers. Where were you when all of my kids were babies? :o)

    Peace and Laughter!

  2. Very cute! And the dress isn't bad either!

  3. It IS like having my own dress up doll! Only I never expected to enjoy dressing her up! The leg warmers idea came from the blog I linked -- I didn't think those up on my own! But they were so cute I had to make some.

  4. How cute. I hope you post more pics.