Pillars and Ladders Socks

I just finished these tonight, but they have been on my needles for quite some time.  The plan at the moment is to give them to my landlord.  Jon and I have lived at the farm for four and a half years and are now finally buying our own house.  Socks aren't much of a thanks-for-four-years gift, but I know they'll be appreciated.

For Christmas I always made them something.  Last year I made them a Christmas-themed quilt.  It would have made more sense to save the quilt for a thank you gift, but I didn't realize at the time Jon and I would find a house so soon!  So these will go to Jim and I will go yarn shopping tomorrow to find the perfect yarn for Marilynn.  Huzzah!  A perfect reason to go to the local yarn shop!  

The PDF pattern for these socks, which use only knit and purl stitches, is on Ravelry as Pillars and Ladders.  


  1. Hmmm...I know someone who might be borrowing some of your sock patterns...

  2. I hope she does! If she finds mistakes or thinks something could be better explained, tell her I would love to hear about it.