Upholstery is not my calling

Around Christmas, I was asked if I would reupholster these cushions:

Well, no one could argue they needed it. But it wasn't just these two. There are six like the ones pictured (seat cushions) and six that are a slightly different shape for the seat backs. All twelve were the same lovely vinyl material. I agreed to do the work and am now just two cushions away from finished.

This project has reminded me that upholstery is not my favorite task. It's really the cording that I find distasteful. The cording goes around the edges and is quite typical for any upholstered item, which is why upholstery as a genre is low on my favorites list.

Really the cushions have not been as bad as I dreaded when I took the job. Though I am being slower at finished than I anticipated. My goal is to have the last ones done by the end of the week! The church is probably starting to miss their chairs.
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