Spiral Socks

These are not recent, but since I have the pattern written out I am posting them. This was the first sock pattern that I made up myself.   

The socks use twisted stitches that slowly move around the sock, resulting in a spiral.  I used a left-twist for one sock and a right-twist for the other so that they spiral either together or apart, depending on which foot the sock is worn. 

The pattern is available as a PDF on Ravelry.com through this link. Though I am hoping to have separate blog pages for patterns soon.  Happy knitting (or viewing)!

Spiral Sock Pattern
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  1. I was hoping you had a picture of the bottom of the socks on here since there isn't one on the pattern or on Ravelery. Has anyone else asked for it? I always like to see every angle myself, but that may just be me?